Affinity Credit Union Bus Tour to Regina Agribition 2006

Our annual bus tour to Agribition took place on Friday, November 24 . This year again, passengers were from Watrous, Simpson, and Imperial. The bus left Simpson shorly after 9:30 am.

(Photographers and actors - Doug G. and Glen C.)


When some of our gang leave their wives at home - who knows mischief what they might be up to? Just look at this attractive lady.... Oh those eyes!!! And those lips  were made for kissing!!!

We'll have to ask which performance our crew are taking in

We're in the rodeo arena now for the evening show - wagon racing in miniature and calf roping.
 Can anyone identify the heads in the foreground? Maybe this is what our mighty hunters of coffee row refer to as 'head shots'?

The women barrels racers and their well-trained steeds don't waste much time; they can win or lose by hundredths of seconds

A couple of cowboys share the arena with a new Ford truck

Bull fighters dressed as clowns are there to rescue riders who might get in trouble

This performer's "dream machine" performs miracles, changing a little rabbit to a big one, and converting a beautiful dream woman to the "real thing"

The bull-bait dummy leans on a stick, while an acrobatic clown balances on a big hollow brass egg.

He lives dangerously, pretending to be a heifer for the soon-to-appear bull....
During a brief lull in the action, he strips to show off his dancing ability....
This bull shows his contempt by charging the big metal egg full blast.

And after the show ends, a speedy bus trip gets us to Simpson by midnight. Our tour is already booked for next year and the year after ....

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