Land for Sale - A two-mile strip of land running along the east shore of Devil's Lake,
3+ miles west of Simpson, Saskatchewan, Canada.

For further information, contact:
1 (306) 836-4713 or
1 (306) 374-6219 or
1 (306) 955-8083

This satellite photo is looking from the south.
The property starts to the left of the curve in the road, and runs north...

satellite photos courtesy Craig V.

September 25, 2007, I accompany Ken E. to take these photos. We start about a third of the way from the south end of the lake.

This land, never cultivated, retains the original native grasses -
prairie wool .

Here's a satellite scan from above.  Blue is Devil's Lake,
yellow ochre the land for sale. (As interpeted from the map; may not be exact.)

satellite photos courtesy Craig V

Ken ... playing 'king of the castle...'

More topography...

Looking north ... then we drive around the south end of the lake...

Now we've crossed to the west side, and follow the old trail that once led to the 'Braxton place'. you're looking across the lake at the property for sale... Oops, looks like the beavers have put up a road block... 

Time to check out the hill country west... maybe we'll see some moose or elk...
 I spot a large black animal. "There's a moose up ahead, Ken!"
"Should I stop or sneak up on him?"
We sneak up on the large black animal - a black Angus bull!
On our safari we saw the sum total of two deer and one skunk...
Now we recross, north of the property. We're on the east shore again...

For further information, contact:
1 (306) 836-4713 or
1 (306) 374-6219 or
1 (306) 955-8083

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