Saturday, June 25, the old building on George Street known as the 'Tire Shop' was demolished. 


 Richardson Services had two backhoes and a Bobcat on the job, as well as two trucks to haul away the debris.


Lawrence and Howard Richardson operated the equipment. Edwin Kopp and Corrie McLean drove the trucks.


The cameraman took a few pictures, then went for a quick beer, figuring on coming back later in the day for more photos. 


However, the demolition was taking place too fast to leave the scene, so he stuck around with the camera.   


(A little history follows, thanks to Jules R. Vanthuyne. If some of you have information or changes you wish to add, please contact Jules or Lloyd Mattson.)


 In 1953 the building had been moved from its previous location two blocks west, across George St. from the school. 

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